Laboratory of Structural biology of proteases and antibiotic resistance

(P.I. Xavier Gomis Rüth)

This groups is specialized in the molecular analysis of proteins, especially proteases (including integral membrane proteases), and their complexes with small molecule inhibitors. Other research line of the group is the study of the molecular mechanisms used by bacteria to achieve resistance to antibiotics. The group has a large experience in molecular biology and X-ray crystallography.

The laboratory has access to a platform for diffraction data collection (the PCB) with several rotating anode X-ray generators with confocal optics and two-dimensional detectors. All scientists of the group have experience in synchrotron data collection.

The group also has facilities for Proteomic and Genomic techniques such as analysis of protein extracts mixtures by high resolution two-dimensional electrophoresis, Quantitative Real Time PCR or DNA Microarrays.