X-ray Crystallography Group of the Oviedo University


(P.I. Santiago García Granda)

The X-ray crystallography group of the Oviedo University has a 20 years experience in basic crystallography, structural crystallography and the study of the molecular properties by, mainly, X-ray diffraction.

Currently, 21 scientist work in this group, including two researchers (I3P contracts) at the Spanish CRG (Spline) in the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. The group owns research laboratories for scientific computing and three X-rays diffractometers.

Santiago García Granda is the President of the Spanish Grupo Especializado de Cristalografía (Spanish Group Specialized in Crystallography) and develop teaching and administrative (vice-dean) duties at the university simultaneously with the coordination and research in the X-ray crystallography group.

The scientific lines of the group are:

  • Development of algorithms for the automatic solution of crystal
  • Development and checking of QSAR and QSPR models,
  • Solution of the molecular structure of compounds of interest in chemistry and pharmacology.