Laboratory of Crystallographic Studies (LEC)

(P.I. Juan Manuel García Ruiz)

The Laboratorio de Estudios Cristalográficos (Laboratory for Crystallographic Studies -LEC) specializes in the study of crystallographic problems, generally in natural materials, and has excelled in the fields of crystal growth in diffusive media, self-organized pattern formation, Xray diffraction for the characterization of crystalline materials, biomineralization, and the origin of life. Just as with the topics involved, the nature of the work is also broadly based, from basic science to applications and technological development together with its transfer to a commercial level via the spin-off company, Triana Science and Technology nucleated at LEC.

The present lines of research of LEC are:

  • Crystallization of biological macromolecules and pharmaceuticals
  • Characterization by synchrotron radiation
  • Biomineralization and biomimetic materials
  • Formation of natural self-organized patterns
  • Origin of life and detection of primitive life
  • Intermolecular interactions and molecular recognition
  • Polymorphism of bioactive compounds