Grupo de Análisis Estructural del Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragón

(P.I. Fernando Lahoz Díaz)

The group has a large experience in the structural solution of small molecule compounds, specially coordination complexes. The main research topic of this department are: a) the preparation, structural investigation and reactivity of new mono- and poly-nuclear coordination complexes containing metals of the platinum group and b) the investigation of some basic reactions of potential interest in catalytic processes. In addition to the intrinsic interest of the di- and poly-nuclear species, this kind of studies are interesting due to the peculiar reactivity of these species that sometimes are especially well suited as a precursor of catalysts in homogeneous phase processes.

A crystallization laboratory is available in the department, including dry boxes for sensitive samples. Three single crystal diffractometers for the collection of structural data are available and equipped with all the common software for data collection and processing, structural solution and refinement.