Expression, Purification and Crystallisation of Macromolecules

The crystallisation of proteins is a multi-factorial process that depends on the interplay of several independent parameters, such as temperature, protein concentration, crystallisation agent concentration, pH and the presence and nature of impurities or additives. Among the scientific services of the Crystallisation Factory, we offer support throughout the whole pipeline from the expression and purification of the protein or protein complex to its crystallisation and structure resolution.

Cloning & Construct design of proteins/macromolecular complexes

  • Scientific support in selecting the size and type of the construct and vector, type of tail, structure prediction, etc.

Expression & Purification of proteins/macromolecular complexes

  • Scientific support for the selection of the optimal purification strategy (single or multistep flowchart).
  • Production and purification of proteins (pure, homogeneous) and complexes (pure, homogeneous with appropriate stoichiometry).

Crystallisation of proteins/macromolecular complexes

  • Scientific support for the design of crystallisation strategies and for improving the quality and size (resolution) of the crystals.
  • Crystallisation and structure resolution of macromolecules, including control of the purity and homogeneity of the samples.

Crystal improvement & Diagnostic of non-crystallisable samples

  • Flowchart diagram analysis to solve the crystallisability of macromolecules
  • Development of projects to improve the size and quality (resolution) of crystals that exhibit little or no diffraction.