This section summarizes information on grants that mcc students can apply for. Please refer to the resources pointed for further information. If you know of other opportunities for funding the participation of students, please contact us and we will publicize them in this page.

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Students Accommodation

Students attending the courses of the firs module en Seville usually arrange themselves to share apartments. The only support we can provide for this is to set students in contact with their potential mates. Please Ask us for this information. It is also possible to look for accommodations in some universitary residences in Seville, click "Read More" below for this information. Help with accommodation during the practical stages of the 2nd module or the Specialized courses of the 3rd module should be requested to the organizers of the respective courses.

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Course Locations

mcc courses ate taught at different places. To help students and teachers locating these places, location and contact information is provided in this section.

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Additional information