Program & Courses

  • Module 1. Core Subjects

    Compulsory core subjects common to all orientations and required to follow the rest of the Master. Taught for 5 hours daily from Monday to Friday, including theoretical and practical training as well as guided visits to research centres and companies.

  • Module 2. Guided practical work.

    A period of supervised practices lasting two months. During this time, the student will be integrated into the daily work of a research laboratory specialized in the topic of his choice. It is intended to serve as an introduction to the world of research and development, to daily life in the laboratory and to the scientist's work. It is also an opportunity to initiate their own project of Master thesis.

  • Module 3. Specialized courses.

    Specialized open, international courses, accepting and promoting the participation of students not registered in the master.  The list of these courses is updated yearly based on the demand from previous years, the availability of new courses and the learning quality they offer.

  • Master Thesis

    The thesis may consist of either:

    • A report on work carried out during the Module 2 and/or as a result of the subjects in the module 3.
    • A PhD project in some area of research relevant to the Master (see list of proposals in the "PhD" section).
    • An independent research work carried out during the Master.

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