What is mcc?

The Master in Crystallography and Crystallization offer an unique opportunity for the training of young researchers that is normally absent or under-represented at graduate level despite its importance in science and technology. The mcc programme aims to be comprehensive, coordinated and innovative as a result of our commitment to educational quality, an international and open vision of the crystallographic science and an interdisciplinary approach.

mcc is recomended by by the European Crystallographic Association.


The mcc provides a unified, in-depth vision of the crystalline state, their properties and applications for the various scientific/technical disciplines that are deemed as "users" of Crystallography; including structural chemistry, material science, molecular biology, crystal growth, industrial crystallization, chemical engineering, nanotechnology, pharmacology, mineralogy and solid state physics.

The specialized training is based on knowledge merging the fundamentals of both crystallography and crystallization, the mastery of skills and research methodologies inherent to them and their application to other disciplines. As a result, the mcc student will acquire:

  • Background: Physical-chemical fundamental knowledge about the processes of crystallization and the crystalline state. Mathematical and computational foundations of crystallography and diffraction and implementation of this knowledge to the determination of crystal structures at the atomic scale.
  • Practical experience: Knowledge and experience leading to interesting and exciting research problems, experimental design strategies to solve them and the ability to carry out experiments. Handling database tools for the crystallization and determination of molecular structures. Experience in the use of specific crystallography and crystallization software.
  • New prospects: Training on recent research developments and perspectives of the main challenges faced by research and development in crystallography and crystallization. Practical experience on the use of large crystallography facilities.

The mcc is part of the Official Postgraduate Programme of the Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) in collaboration with the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) and is accredited by both institutions. Successful completion of the mcc awards the official Masters degree with 60 ECTS and gives access to PhD studies

The organization and teaching of mcc is run by professors of European universities and Research Centres leaders in the fields of crystallography and crystallization, which bestows the Master a strong international and interdisciplinary nature. Courses are taught in English The coordination of the mcc corresponds to an Academic Committee composed by members of the UIMP Vicerrectorado de Investigación y Posgrado (Postgraduate office of the UIMP Presidency), the Postgraduate Department of the CSIC. The Master is coordinated by Fermín Otálora (director) and Santiago García-Granda (Academic Coordinator).

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